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Salary can informally refer to any type of periodic payment from an employer, although it tends to denote full-time or "salaried" employment. Salaries are usually tied to a job title and description, which is then referenced through a company handbook or formalized pay grade structure.

Determine the proper salary for your skills by combining multiple elements and refinements, including geography, metropolitan area, cost of living, specialized skills, tenure, function, management/direct reports, education, and scarcity/hiring demand for your particular profession. Within any particular job, salaries tend to vary widely because of the numerous factors involved. The career salary information tools available here give you the first step of finding general local compensation for your job title. In order to flesh out your perspective, be sure to develop an understanding of local hiring demand and the current market conditions for your job. Salaries tend to reflect micro-economic conditions, such as the availability of a specific employer, so use this guide for general direction and understanding of broad trends.

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