Find and Hire Generalist Recruiters

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(e.g. offers generalist recruiters who are ready to fill job positions for almost any type of role at any company. Our generalist recruiters have years of experience as talent acquisition professionals. These recruiters are great if you need to hire a range of different roles across different locations and industries. These recruiters also have larger pools of candidates since they work across sectors. They can recruit for some specialized fields as well.

Jodi-Ann Murray
West Palm Beach, FL
Accounting Customer Service Education +7 more
I have been recruiting for 3 years now. I have a talent for networking and making connections. I was born and raised in Jamaica, and migrated to The Bahamas...
Chris Pierce
Lead Recruiter
Pottstown, PA
Business Development Customer Service General Business +4 more
Chris Pierce is a recruiter from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States. Chris specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Customer Service, General Business, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales...
Lori Farmer
Bowling Green, KY
Logistics Transportation
I have 7 years experience in Logistics and 11 years recruiting experience in other fields. I have done passive recruitment in the medical, construction,...
Debra Christal
Ellenwood, GA
Customer Service Engineering Finance +4 more
Mustard Seed Solutions - Recruiting & Consulting, LLC is a staffing & recruitment services provider that partners with...
Rachel Cupples
Auburn, WA
Administrative Customer Service General Business +7 more
I am an award winning corporate diversity recruiter, sourcer, recruitment program manager, talent acquisition strategist, high volume recruiter, diversity...
Emma Rose-Johnson
Shaker Heights, OH
General Business
Recruiting professional with several years of progressive growth.
Tom Murray
Phoenix, AZ
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Customer Service +7 more
Strategic business partner, tactical operator, and champion for change possessing full-cycle HR experience in leading and guiding dynamic teams through...
William Nix
Lead Technical Recruiter
Allen, TX
Customer Service Engineering General Business +7 more
15 years of field service and maintenance experience. I have hired and trained staff in every position I have held. I often receive 10-15 recruiter messages...
Bridget Harris
Sr. Recruiter Talent Acquisition
Plano, TX
Accounting Customer Service Engineering +3 more
Sr. Lead Recruiter with 15 plus years' experience with a full understanding of the staffing/recruiting specialty. Experience (agency, corporate and...
Megan Richardson
Eugene, OR
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Hello! My name is Megan and I'm here to help connect people to work that is meaningful and significant to their unique career journey. My approach...
Sherry Smith
Las Vegas, NV
Administrative Business Development Customer Service +7 more
With almost 30 years of recruiting and project management experience, I offer clients and candidates a level of refreshing and dependable professionalism....
Aaron Spence
Centennial, CO
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Business Development +3 more
I have over 18 years of various types of recruitment, starting with actively recruiting companies located on Wall Street placing software developers. ...
chaera brown
Chillum, MD
Administrative Business Development Consulting +5 more
Specializes in recruitment for a national consulting firm and also held account management and sales roles in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications...
Matthew Sayers
Senior Recruiter
Murrieta, CA
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
I am an accomplished Full Cycle Recruiting professional with significant experience that spans over a decade. I am consistently recognized as a strong...
Kiana Franklin
Independent Corporate Recruiter
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Administrative Business Development Customer Service +7 more
I am a highly dedicated and self-motivated Professional Recruiter with over 10 years of experience in all verticals of recruiting. I have a proven track...
Tawonda Cook
Independent Recruiter
Rosenberg, TX
Administrative Business Development Customer Service +7 more
I would really describe myself as a person with a versatile skill set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile. I am looking to take...
Lynnette Brewer-Slaughter
Career & HR Consultant
Sacramento, CA
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
Cascade Career & HR Development is a minority-owned and operated Recruitment and HR Management Consulting firm experienced in meeting the unique needs...
Tracy Elkin
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Clayton, NC
Customer Service General Business Sales +2 more
I wanted to be Michael Jordan and learned that great players have that one thing that can’t be taught: passion. Growing up, there were only two...
Delinda Giles
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
Hi! My name is Delinda and I have over 15 years of experience in recruiting and staffing. I am a highly experienced generalist recruiter with a proven...
Fernandina Beach, FL
Business Development Engineering Finance +7 more
BRENNAN SAWYER is a recruiter from Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States. BRENNAN specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Executive, Architecture, Construction, Government...
Shashwat Chakarpani
Atlanta, GA
Accounting Business Development Consulting +7 more
I have over about 10 years of Talent Acquisition and recruiting experience in Diversified domains and with large variety of clients that includes, IT,...

What Is the Role of a Generalist Recruiter?

Unlike specialist recruiters, these human resources experts can fill all kinds of open positions with the full cycle recruiting process. They will generally carry out job duties like:

  • • Assist with projects
  • • Track metrics
  • • Do administrative work
  • • Manage a candidate database
  • • Run background checks
  • • Source potential candidates
  • • Screen applicants
  • • Conduct initial interviews
  • • Facilitate the interview process
  • • Post job descriptions on a job board
  • • Benefits administration

These recruiters follow the same recruitment process as a specialist recruiter, but they don't specialize in just one industry. Because of this, almost any business can utilize an HR generalist to carry out the typical recruiter job functions.

Benefits of Hiring Generalist Recruiters

Choosing the right recruiter means that you can free up your time and resources to grow your business.

If you are going to scale your business quickly and hire for various roles, contracting a generalist recruiter may be the best option. They still have industry contacts that a specialist recruiter would have, along with a larger pool of candidates to source from.

Easier to Scale

Having HR generalists on your team will help you grow your business and hire more efficiently. For example, if you need to hire software engineers but only have financial recruiters, you will need to find another recruiter.

Having a generalist recruiter can help you hire for your IT, sales, marketing, and engineering department. When you have this recruiter on your team, you can easily create the teams you would like without worrying about the limitations that your recruiter might have. 

These types of recruiters are especially great for small businesses or startups. These recruiters are very used to working in a constantly changing environment, and they know how to react in unpredictable or stressful situations.

Wider Range of Skills

Since a general recruiter will need to work in different industries, they will also need a broad skill set. When they have these skills, it is easier for them to be flexible and scale their searches with whatever your business needs. 

One of the skills they have is that they can become experts in almost any industry or field to find you the best talent. These recruiters usually can learn the industry terminology very quickly, so if you need to hire an engineer for some new technology, they will be able to learn about the position and find a successful candidate for you.

Talent Potential

As these recruiters learn about different positions and job markets, they'll gain a lot of knowledge and experience. This makes these recruiters qualified candidates if you need to promote someone to become an upper-management employee, like to corporate HR or as a human resources manager.

They have first-hand experience and knowledge in different positions. This makes them qualified to oversee, train, and guide new employees. These recruiters also demonstrate that they can quickly learn and pick up new ideas and concepts. 

What to Consider When Hiring Generalist Recruiters

If you're thinking about hiring a generalist recruiter and would benefit from any of the above points, make sure that you find a recruiter with HR generalist experience working with multiple industries.

Thankfully, our generalist recruiters have experience working in various fields, including engineering, finance, administrative, customer service, general business, accounting, consulting, marketing, etc. Our recruiters can help a small startup find a vice president of marketing or a secretary for your large law firm. 

Regardless of what position you need to fill, our recruiters are highly skilled to ensure that they find the best candidate for your company. They are dedicated to providing you're satisfied with the candidate, so contact us today to start working with a generalist recruiter.