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At, we have a large network of hospitality recruiters to help you place job seekers in popular positions like hospitality managers, managers for resorts, food and beverage director, waiters, cashiers, event managers, and sommeliers. Our talented recruiters have plenty of experience in the hospitality industry, and they can help your organization find the most qualified candidates.

Patrick Novick
Sr. Recruiter
Orlando, FL
YOUR COMPANY IS ONLY AS GREAT AS THE PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH YOU. Metro Associates has results, with a proven track record of over 45 years, ensuring that...
Grace Echevarria
Miami, FL
Accounting Administrative Customer Service +7 more
Experienced Recruiter and Recruitment Agency Owner with over 20 years of recruiting experience in various industries.
Nikaury Paulino
Bronxville, NY
Advertising / Marketing Finance General Business +6 more
Full-time experience recruiter with over 3 years of experience connecting qualified candidates to prominent employers.
Martin Straley
Creedmoor, NC
Administrative Customer Service General Business +6 more
I have varied HR experience across many industries and specialize in the hospitality sector (aviation, travel/tourism, food/beverage, hotel/resorts, etc.)....
Embery Moye
Employment Specialist & Recruiter Consultant
Holly Ridge, NC
Administrative Customer Service Distribution +7 more
Hi, my name is Embery and I am a highly motivated recruiter who loves to help people. I have great sales and communication skills. I am also goal oriented...
Tori Tolbert
Executive Recruiter
Austin, TX
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
I have been in the recruiting / staffing industry over 20-years. It's always a pleasure to place candidates on jobs that they truly enjoy. As the...
Topacio Boyd
Indianapolis, IN
Customer Service Healthcare Logistics +3 more
I have been a recruiter for over 6 years and a VA for over 8 years. I helped start a company back in 2010 and then worked from there assisting other small...
Mike Anderson
Clarkston, MI
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
MEA Strategic Solutions, is a full service search and contract staffing firm. We work with clients coast to coast, from...
Keesha Marie
Executive Recruiter
Maple Heights, OH
Administrative Customer Service Healthcare +7 more
Hello! My name is Keesha Marie, I am an executive recruiter for We specialize in finding remote jobs for women all over the world....
Laura Cabrera
New York City, NY
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
Decisive, experienced and strategic well-rounded recruiting professional with powerful listening and communication skills and the ability to build strong...
Sonya Simpson
Rockville, MD
Administrative Business Development Customer Service +7 more
A diversely skilled professional with a proven track record of adapting to new situations, identifying challenges and deficiencies, and providing results....
Josh Kern
CEO & Lead Recruiter
Austin, TX
Accounting Analyst Finance +3 more
Today - All Things Enterprise, Global, Fortune 500 Information Technology to include: Infrastructure/Application/Enterprise/Business Services. Infrastructure...
Samica Glades
Job Recruiter
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
Samica Glades is a recruiter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Samica specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Administrative, Advertising , Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Technician, Banking,...
Agency Owner
Cheyenne, WY
Business Development Consulting Customer Service +7 more
Hi, I'm Beverly! Your personalized Business Consultant. I assist companies of all sizes in increasing their bottom line via a streamlined process....
Jasmin Espy
Houston, TX
Customer Service General Business Healthcare +3 more
Currently CEO for Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, Inc., a Houston based boutique staffing and HR service firm. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions serves...
David Simms
Boynton Beach, FL
Accounting Administrative Engineering +7 more
Over 14 Years of experience in Staffing and Recruiting.
Cherelle Douglas
Administrative Analyst Customer Service +7 more
Cherelle Douglas is a recruiter from NA, New York, United States. Cherelle specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Analyst, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Government Administration,...
Amana Xu
Online Promoter
Portland, OR
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Business Development +4 more
Amana Xu is a recruiter from Portland, Oregon, United States. Amana specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Advertising , Marketing, Business Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Other and Analytics.
Jeff Daphnis
H R Manager
Bayonne, NJ
Healthcare Human Resources Hospitality +1 more
i am a down to earth personnel interested in a baby sitter
Ashley Quinter
Corporate Recruiter
Los Angeles, CA
General Business
At Gecko we assist employers and employees in finding their match. I would be honored to discuss your next career move or business need. Please email...
Hannah Hylen
Marina del Rey, CA
Hannah Hylen is a recruiter from Marina del Rey, California, United States.

What Do Hospitality Recruiters Do?

A good recruiter can hire top talent for your hospitality business. This recruiter will manage each stage of the recruitment process, using insights from their specialized focus. For example, they will have insight into the industry to help them create the perfect sourcing strategy to find candidates. With this familiar information about the industry, they also know how to screen and interview different candidates. 

This specialization in the hospitality industry will give your company a competitive advantage in the recruiting aspect. These recruiters have built relationships with the best hospitality talent out there, increasing your chances of successfully recruiting one of these applicants. 

This insight can also aid recruiters in providing a good candidate experience. This could also be the deciding factor in a competitive job market if a candidate is interviewing with multiple companies. When a candidate feels like a recruiter gives an excellent first impression on behalf of the employer, they're more likely to choose that job than with a recruiter who isn't sure what they are talking about.

In addition to providing a good candidate experience, the recruiter can also write great job descriptions, post them on job boards, curate pools of talented candidates, source applicants, and conduct interviews. When you find the right candidate, the recruiter can also manage the job offer acceptance.

Benefits of Hiring a Hospitality Recruiter

Our hospitality recruiters can identify the best professionals quickly and efficiently due to their hospitality experience and knowledge. This information can help them navigate a difficult market and every stage of the recruitment process. 

More Efficient Hiring Process

When you can hire the right people for your hospitality business, you can offer better customer service, bring in more customers, and increase your revenue. However, hiring these people can be difficult in a competitive market. 

It would be best if you had a recruiter who has experience with the market. This experience will make it easier to overcome obstacles and find the perfect candidate faster than a general recruiter. 

When you have someone who can help you have a more efficient hiring process, you can save extra money and allocate it towards growing your business.

These recruiters also have their own personally curated pools of hospitality talent that they can pull from if you need to fill an open position. You'll get immediate access to candidates by contracting one of our recruiters.

Identify Qualified Candidates

Any recruiter can post a job description on the right job boards and wait for an active candidate to find it and apply. However, passive candidates make up a much larger talent pool, and it's harder to recruit them. This is where you need a specialized recruiter who can find these quality candidates and recruit them for your workforce. 

Our recruiters know what skills and qualifications to screen for in an ideal hospitality candidate. They keep up with the latest trends in the industry, so they know what skills to search for on a candidate's resume and in an interview. When your recruiter knows what skills to focus on, you have more of a chance of hiring a successful employee. 

Hospitality Industry Insight

As shifts in the hospitality industry continue to happen thanks to staff shortages and COVID-19 pandemic effects, the needs of the hiring companies are changing. That means a recruiter will have to stay on top of what qualifications to look for in a candidate. 

Even the best companies struggle to find staff, but this type of recruiter will improve your company's hiring chances. They will use all of their talent and market knowledge to ensure that your company won't get left behind in the race for talent. 

What to Look for in a Hospitality Recruiter

To enjoy all of these benefits of hiring a hospitality recruiter, you'll need to hire the right one. You'll want to find someone who has experience recruiting for a company that is similar to yours. 

For example, our recruiters can help you recruit managers for private clubs or waiters for fast-casual or fine dining restaurants. Regardless of what position you need to fill, we will help you out!

Contact us today to start contracting our recruiters and find out how our other recruiting solutions can help your business.